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I found test series to be sufficient. Instead of having a fixed number, focus on improving the reading speed consistently no matter at what level you are at right now. i need help write my essay cant You are truly an inspiration for all of us. Your each and every notes are very valuable for us.

Practise it enough so that you are able to draw and label it under 60 seconds. I am very comfortable writing with fountain pen ink pen since my childhood. research writing services jobs in nairobi Did u just refer to it or used any other source in addition to it?

And also when you wrote the exam in you had only anthro as something which you had to prepare completely right from the scratch but since i am a beginner i have to prepare GS-1,2,3,4 essay and anthro since i took anthropology as my optional for Sir, the book list you shared for prelims preparation geography , is it sufficient for mains and do we have to read entire NCERT book of class 11th and class 12th geography or have we to cover only the topics mentioned in mains gs paper 1 syllabus for geography? Thank you very much Sir for such a valuable inputs.

Best essay helper book for upsc pdf professional paper writers auckland

Me and my friends almost everyone who are writing for the first time we want to ask you about the way you read a book while preparing for the exam. I wrote all about coaching in my other blog post. I am beginner so I need your valuable guidance….

Thanks a lot Sir for sharing this Mains strategy. Sir, First of all congrats to you for your outstanding performance in the exam. Give adequate time for revision. Sir, I m preparing for , what is the right time to start making topic wise notes of syllabus.

So a burning issue at the start of is usually asked in Mains of Might be out of stock. If not when is the right time to start?

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So I just wrote a generic answer comprising of problems such as ethnic strife, insurgency, and economic collapse. Really down to earth sir. best article writing service uae Sir please, could you review my Note making strategy. C how to make crisp notes.

Thanks a lot sir. So for instance, World History is very important and questions will definitely be asked every year. write my assignments earn money Sir i want to ask then how you revise current affair on exam time last one month or in subsequent times during year long preparation? It really feel so overwhelming that successful aspirants like you are trying to help out others alot.

I notes down things from Newspaper to be invlinclin My E-Notes and here my focus is on major heads like Police Reforms , problems and solution of Agricultural Issues , any reports relevant to these etc. My GS Answer Copies. hiring freelance writing yahoo answers Did u just refer to it or used any other source in addition to it?

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That would really give us insight on how to make notes and organize and also your notes would help us supplement our own material. It will be great help if u share that too.. With marks spanning across four papers in Mains, GS feels like one giant, insurmountable mountain. Sir thanks a lot. Sir can you please tell us something about public administration strategy..

Exuding positivity and clarity. Sir i want to ask then how you revise current affair on exam time last one month or in subsequent times during year long preparation? Sir, their is lot of material to prepare for mains and I am confused about how to revise them later…as going through the same again would take lot of time. It should look something like this. In GS, there will be very few questions where you will have absolutely no clue.

Sir i am finding a lot of difficulties in geography. This preparation will help you immensely next year. Hello sir , the book list you provided in earlier post usko hi faithfully follow karne se target complete ho jaega ya fir ye sirf basic h aur books refer karne ki zarurat hogi kya.??

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