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In addition, some of the entries become redundant. This is a really good book for me. article writing service review bayt cvs Summaries 2 Synopsis 1.

It was the first time this award was given to a group of people and not an individual. The Spiritual Origins of Happiness. apa citation chapter in a book same author Growing up in a completely different part of the world, i was stunned to read some of the Freedom Writers strories and struggles which were so foreign to me, like gang violence and places where drug addiction was the norm. It is pretty amazing to see the changes that many of them go through and also painful to read about some of the horrific experiences they went through. I know that she has another book that is more focused on her methods, and maybe that has more of what I was looking for.

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I don't want to take anything away from it The students are so moved that they begin taking up collections to bring survivors to visit their school. Erin Gruwell allowed the students to express their stories in a way that would be informative to others and also beneficial to her students.

I think the decision to clean up the entries was made to present the students in the best possible light and I support that. It's a shame since some of these stories are extremely powerful - issues such as homelessness, child abuse, domestic violence, street violence, peer pressure Aug 10, Brenna Hobson rated it liked it. Book report writer the freedom I understand that Ms.

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The students connected once again with the author of this incredible true story, so Ms. The students wrote about gangs, killing, drinking, drugs, teen pregnancy, abortion, depression and rape. write my essay review daily routine If I could put aside the structural problems with the book and rate only on inspiration, the book is a definite stars. The other major problem with it was that I felt there were things missing. Mainly to treasure the fact that I'm not surrrounded by gangs, guns and violence.

There were references to Dylan Thomas, Holden Caulfield and, of course, Anne and Zlata all made as nonchalantly as a gangster sign. Aug 16, Tiasia Saunders rated it it was amazing. cheap essay papers youtube A book that has been made into a movie. Long Beach, California United States.

In , the group traveled to Europe together where they visited the Anne Frank House and various concentration camps. She took kids whose poverty limited their life experience on field trips. custom essay paper xmas wrapping It is a compilation of their journal entries.

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She challenged them in their letters to invite Zlata to Wilson, and the unthinkable happened. The Freedom Writers Diary is about a 23 year old English teacher named Erin Gruwell who has come to teach at Wilson high school in order to make a change. Book report writer the freedom I know that she has another book that is more focused on her methods, and maybe that has more of what I was looking for.

The reality of I work in an inner city school. How do you split your time fearing for your life and doing homework? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Book report writer the freedom However for the Freedom Writes they saw something much different. I want to hear them in their words.

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